What do I get, exactly?

Your FREE website has all the content you need, Your pictures in a photo album, your services, all the info you need to display about your company and its mission and vision.

Your social media platforms will be updated regularly, we will respond to users, and run your campaigns!

A FREE Website!

FREE social media setup.

Regular posts and publications.

Monthly report on your analytics.

Business Email Addresses

Our Packages

Starter Package

Up to 6 Sections of content (pictures, charts, text, Videos…) along with contact forms and social media integration.

2 Social media platforms, 2 Posts per week on each.

One professionally written blog article per month.

A Monthly analytics report to explain where did your traffic come from and what did they do on your website.


$49 / Month

* With a full Year’s Subscription.

Business Package

Up to 15 Pages of content (pictures, charts, text, Videos…) along with contact forms and social media integration.

Web Security Implementation.

4 Social media platforms, 4 Posts per month on each.

Two professionally written blog articles per month.

A Weekly analytics report and A Heat Map.

Product and Service Upload and Editing Up To 2 Hours / Month.


$ 129 / Month

* With a Full Year’s Subscription.

Platinum Package

Unlimited Pages

Web Security Implementation.

4 Social media platforms, 8 Posts per month on each.

Four professionally written blog article per month.

A Weekly analytics report and A Heat Map.

Unlimited product and service upload.


$349 / Month

* With a Full Year’s Subscription.

What Is Managed Presence?

Don’t worry about a single thing, we’ve got it ALL covered!

Most businesses need what we call a portfolio website. A few pages of content that speak of the company, what we do, who we are, our catalog, our services, contact forms, social media buttons… That sort of website.

We have already built close to 50 of these websites, which you can see and choose from. Once you’ve chosen your design layout, we will upload your info, images, products, etc… and set up all needed social media. 

Once your presence is online and ready, we will work on your Search Engine Optimisation, social media platforms, we will post, respond to comments, answer questions… etc. 

What Businesses Is It For?

Will it work for you?

These plans are perfect for all small businesses, from the hairdresser to the mechanic, to the carpenter, the event planner, the restaurant owner, the sporting club or the funeral home. Every kind of business that wants to say “hey you guys, here’s what I do” is a perfect kind of business to subscribe!

You can later add a store to your website, a members area, newsletters, social media integration, Whatever you might think of! The basics are all covered in the solution we offer.

If your business is not large enough to employ a team of designers, developers and social marketing specialists, then this subscription is for YOU! You can hire a full team starting with 149$ a month!

About Us

UPOD Design is an American digital agency, and we proudly serve national and international customers. But thanks to technology we seem to be within reach anytime and any day, and we regularly “visit” our local customers.

We have been established since 1998, back when computers still ran on coal; well kind of.

Our team is a mix of old expertise and young dynamic energy; we are currently a family of 17, from all walks of life, with a combined experience of 204 years… And counting!


UPOD were very professional, communicated extremely well and did a perfect job. They responded very quickly and even did a little better than i was hoping for. i will definitely be doing business with them in the future.

Joy Gebara

Gebara Jewellry

They have a quality that makes the work so much easier to do 🙂


I didn’t worry about a thing! I definitely advise anyone to work with them!

Hannah Ortis

Yoga Slalom

Francis was incredibly responsive, thoughtful, communicative, great partner on project and all around pleasant person with whom to work. I’d highly recommend him to anyone. In fact, I plan to work with him again in the near future.

Tolu Adeley

AJ Tennis Academy

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