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We serve as the bridge between the resident Lebanese and our diaspora, to facilitate the creation of online jobs to help ease these hard times upon our beloved people.

Skilled Workers Apply

We offer many services and we are growing fast. If you have a skill that you can perform as a service online sign up with us and we will try to find you the customers who need your service aborad. 

Hire Local Employees

All workers go through a rugged vetting process and we oversee the work as it being done to guarantee quality and timely delivery. You can buy a service with us knowing the results are guaranteed!

Workshops & Specialized Training

For those who wish to start providing services online, we do offer workshops and training to help bring the needs of the international business community to the attention of the local talent. 

It is all in within the reach of us all

Together we can rise above our hardships and with solidarity comes hope. Join this effort to empower the residents of our beloved country through the potential of the diaspora. 

Happy Trainees


I was a school teacher before the crisis, but I was laid off and lost all income. 

I took a clas on how to make candles, and now I fulfill many orders every week to be exported abroad. This is my lifeline now!

- Rita Helou

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