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Being a lawyer or running a law office implies a different level of compliance and a different level of secure operations. We have developed exactly that, and we are always making it better.
Your website

Your online presence is more than a marketing pitch; you have an obligation to maintain a secure website where your user’s information is secured, even if they are just sending a message through your contact form. You need to be ADA compliant, and be compliant with a host of other requirements. 

Your office network

Do you use WIFI? We can explain why that’s a lawsuit jsut waiting to happen. Got a 4 seconds? Because that’s all it takes.

Can guests connect to your network? Do you allow employees to conect their devices? How? It’s alright, we can asnwer all these quesitons and some more.

Your digital services

Do you use encrypted email service? Do you have insurance to cover the cost of a cyber attack? Have you considered the online services you use, and how do they protect the information you send there about your clients?

Worst-Case Scenarios

So nothing is really secure 100%; a breach can and very well may happen. Do you have a plan for that time? Do you have appropriate backup and disaster recovery plans and procedures?

How do you store your information? If it were to be stolen, would the hacker be able to make any sense of it, and use it to target your clients again?

Answers Do Exist.

The good news is that you have asked yourself these questions. Many just don’t!

We have the right answers to all the above questions and then some more, your operation will be able to run smoothly (and seemlessly) when the correct measures are implemented, and the event of a worst case scenario, your informaiton and that of your clients will be safe and secure, and you will be able to proceed with your work and resume your poperation as if nothing had happened. This is our promise to you.

Intrusion Detection System —

To find out if an unauthorized activity is happening in your digital space.

Intrusion Prevention System —

To stop the threat when detected.

Backup and Disaster Recovery —

Keeping your information safe in a backup to use and recover your network in the event of a breach.

Two Kinds of Encryption —

Have your data encrypted before being sent over the network, and then encrypted when stored on your devices or in the cloud. 

Policies and Procedures —

Develop your policies, have them on paper, have your employees acknowledge them and be responsible for their actions.

Cyber Security Awareness Training —

Go beyond the occasional simulated Physhing email and provide to your users a true education about the digital world they operate within. After all, your greatest asset – if uneducated – is indeed your greatest liability. The right choice is available; and affordable. 

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