Out there, there is no managed firewall nor a support team that can shut things down or turn things up for them; they would be head to head with the hacker nerding out on a computer a few seats away, and you should not be comfortable with these odds.

> Before You Go

Update your software: unpatched software (operating system as well as installed applications) is by default software that has known vulnerabilities that are known to the public. Shut those doors down before you leave the safety of your office!

Back up: Just in case the device itself got lost, stolen, broken, or damaged it will be a lifesaver to have both installed applications and saved information backed up. Restoring an average business computer or phone can take as little as minutes! My favorite way is to clone the hard drive into a cloud server, which makes it instantaneous to restore from anywhere in the world to any machine in the world; so if you broke your laptop while away you can buy any laptop from any store and log into “your laptop” in the cloud and work as if nothing had happened.

Keep things locked: Change your settings to auto-lock as quickly as your settings would permit. Always lock everything even if you are leaving “for just a second”; there is technology that anyone can buy for as little as $20 that can compromise your laptop in exactly just a second.

Stop auto-connecting to WIFI especially but also to Bluetooth or other means available on your devices.
Connect to public WIFI only through a VPN connection. And yes, the internet in your hotel room is also public WIFI.

Stay away from publicly accessible computers such as in airports or hotel lobbies; you can risk having all your keystrokes registered and stolen by an attacker which will open doors to identity theft and impersonation and industrial spying to name just a few things.

Always consult a professional before you take a trip, a piece of free advice can sometimes save your life-long work.

Parents and Teens, Presented by

Oct 7, 2020 at 10am
North Royalton Library

We will talk about the dangers that our children face especially when they are given their first mobile phone. How to manage their new connected life and how they can protect themselves.

Summer Camp

May 15th 2020 - Jul 15th 2021

This is an oportunity for those graduating high school soon to get a feel of the industry and see if Information Security will be something of interest for them.

Cool hacking will take place!

DIY night - If You Can

Sep 25, 2020 at 6:30 pm
Panera, Parma OH.

We will present and demonstrate what each business owner can do to their compnay's infrastructure and how could they provide free training to their employees.

In this evening we will help you prepare a practical to-do list you can implement yourself for no cost at all.